Renovation works of International Museo label wine

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Customer: Cupramontana town council Location: Ancona - Cittadella (AN) HISTORICAL NOTE The monastery complex of Santa Caterina was built in the first decades of the 700 by architect Arcangelo Vici from the Palace of Arcevia (1698-1762) at the same time as the splendid round church with a high dome resting on eight corinthian columns opened [...]

Extension of the space for University Research

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Customer: University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” Location: Urbino (PU) HISTORICAL NOTE The presence of the Gerolamins in the city dates back to the last twenty years of the 14th century, when Blessed Peter Gambacorta founded the congregation of the poor hermits of St. Jerome in the nearby hills of the Ceshe. The monastery was erected [...]

Renovation works of Villa Favorita

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Customer: ISTAO Location: Ancona (AN) HISTORICAL NOTE Villa Favorita is located on top of a hill and is surrounded by a park of 16,000 square meters. It was built in the early years of Nineteenth century by Count Luigi Ricotti, a merchant from Ancona, that made his fortune out of his intense commercial activities. The [...]

Renovation works of S. Agostino Church

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Customers: Ministry for Cultural Heritage and cultural activities. Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Landscape in Emilia Romagna. Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and the Landscape of Ravenna Diocese of Cesena – Sarsina Location: Cesena (FC) HISTORICAL NOTE The fathers of these hermits of St. Augustine were present in Cesena since sec. XIII and moved in [...]

Structural consolidation and architectural changes of Rotonda a Mare

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Customer: Senigallia town council Location: Senigallia (AN) Advertising - ROTONDA DI SENIGALLIA HISTORICAL NOTE The history of the Rotonda a Mare goes back to the second half of the Nineteenth century, when the architect Vincenzo Ghinelli designed the structure. In 1910 the Rotunda, which was located a few hundred meters North from its current [...]

Mechanised lifts to Guasco Hill – Anziani Palace lift

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Customer: Ancona town council Location: Ancona (AN) HISTORICAL NOTE It was the historical centre of the town High Courts until the Middle Ages and from the Eleventh century, with the birth of the Republic of Ancona, it became the place where he the Council of Elders, met. "The building has ancient origins, according to some [...]

Renovation works of the medieval viallage Postignano, which was damaged by an earthquake in 1997

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Customer: Mirto S.r.l. Location: Postignano – Sellano municipality (PG) HISTORICAL NOTE Postignano is a castle whose origins go back to the IX century. Its plant has a triangular base and its summit consists of an hexagonal tower which overlooks the valley of Vigi. The castle, originally owned by the family Trinci from Foligno, was for [...]

Renovation works of Rocca della Cittadella

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Customer: Regione Marche Location: Ancona (AN) HISTORICAL NOTE It was built starting from 1532 by the important architect Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane. San Gallo, which designed also Rocca Paolina in Perugia and Fortezza da Basso in Florence. These three fortresses symbolised the political action of Pope Clemente VII in central Italy. The three fortresses [...]

Renovation works of Feronia Theatre

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Customer: San Severino Marche town council Location: San Severino Marche (MC) HISTORICAL NOTE Once the Scala degli Spettacoli theater was demolished, the town of San Severino no longer had a theatre. After a long debate among the town council, which started in 1732, some members of the local aristocracy built a “condominio teatrale” and gathered [...]

Renovation works of Palazzo Ugolini

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Customer: Università degli studi di Macerata Location: Macerata (MC) HISTORICAL NOTE It is the first example of neoclassical architecture in the Macerata area. Giuseppe Valadier designed it in 1793. The building was commissioned by the Ugolini Marquis.