Renovation works of Feronia Theatre

Customer: San Severino Marche town council

Location: San Severino Marche (MC)


Once the Scala degli Spettacoli theater was demolished, the town of San Severino no longer had a theatre.

After a long debate among the town council, which started in 1732, some members of the local aristocracy built a “condominio teatrale” and gathered the funds for the construction of an actual theatre in the Piazza Maggiore. They therefore chose the architect Domenico Bianconi to design the project of this new building. Mr Bianconi designed a wooden structure with a bell-shaped base, a wide stage, three levels of balconies and a gallery.

The Teatro dé Condomini was completed and inaugurated in 1747. In 1823 the wooden structure was nevertheless considered dangerous, therefore the theatre council decided on the construction of a new theatre. This time the architect who designed the building was Ireneo Aleandri (1795 – 1885).  He completed his studies in the San Luca Academy in Rome, under the supervision of the neoclassical architect Raffaello Stern, who started to design the famous Sferisterio in Macerata during the same year.

Despite the limited area and space, Aleandri planned an elegant and “slender” structure, with a horseshoe base, thee levels of balconies and a gallery and used for the celing the famous “unghiature bibianesche” technique.