Renovation works of Villa Favorita

Customer: ISTAO

Location: Ancona (AN)


Villa Favorita is located on top of a hill and is surrounded by a park of 16,000 square meters. It was built in the early years of Nineteenth century by Count Luigi Ricotti, a merchant from Ancona, that made his fortune out of his intense commercial activities.

The plant of the building has a square shape with rounded corners, and each side is very similar to the other. Inside the building, the center of the main floor is a large living room, whose ceiling has the shape of a couple. Connected to the building there is also a small stable.

On 18 May 1998 the building became the central office the Higher Institute of Economic Studies Adriano Olivetti (ISTAO), founded by Giorgio Fua. The latter actively supported the restoration works, which started in 1989.