Cascina triulza renovation

Construction start date: 23/07/2013
Construction end date: 01/01/2015
Location: via Cristina di Belgioioso 171 – MILANO


The Cascina Triulza complex, which is the object of this project, is located in Via Cristina di Belgioioso 171, within the Expo 2015 Exhibition Site. The farmhouse includes both historic and historic buildings and buildings of the most recent construction, without these characteristics, originally born as being functional for agricultural uses, then, when the agricultural destination of the entire complex was abandoned, redeployed to other functions.

Its privileged location at the Expo 2015 Site and its identity as a farm in Milan, have made Cascina Triulza the ideal venue to host a center of excellence with a double mission: to welcome visitors during Expo and to remain a patrimony of Milan after the 2015 event.

During the Event, the open and covered areas of Trieste’s Cascina hosted Bodies, Associations, and Non-Governmental International Organizations who had an area where they could interpret the theme in light of their fundamental role in addressing, learning and developing all issues related to the theme of Expo Milano 2015. This area has thus taken on the characteristics of a meeting place, expression and debate about the great issues raised by the theme of Expo Milano 2015.

The project aims to maintain recognition and favor the rural morphological character of the Cascina Triulza complex, thus in the direction of safeguarding and enhancing the memory and the historical, landscape and natural environment in which it has been inserted.

The choice of constructive technologies, building materials, and building colors have been fundamental in defining the project so as to harmonize as much as possible with that landscape idea, which is strongly linked to the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for the Life “that all the project of the Expo site wanted to pursue and implement.