Renovation works of Gradari Palace

Customer: Pesaro town council

Location: Pesaro (PU)


Built in 1599 to a design by the architect Guidubaldo Del Monte, the Palace was the residence of Giulio Cesare Mamiani Della Rovere. After the death of Mr Mamiani, the wing on Via Rossini-that corresponds to the current building- was given to his son Francesco Maria.

Subsequently the palace was owned by several noble family such as the Medicis (1693), Gavardinis and the Reggianis in 1852. The latter put their coat of arms on the Renaissance style door of the palace. When the palace was given to the Gradari family, they finally decided to donate it to the town council in 1940.

The main courtyard, preceded by a large atrium is surrounded on two sides by a double order of loggias and connected to a small courtyard. On the first it is possible to find sumptuously decorated rooms with vaulted ceilings.